Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

I purchased the PRO edition. I have the shadow man unlocked. Obviously no points will show yet, as we dont have a in game product yet. However, I do NOT have access to Classified. It shows green arrow with "black Ops pass Required"  i click on it and it shows that i have both the pass AND Classified purchased... WTF. One of the reasons I even  bought this game.. pass included was for the zombies  

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Personally, I think Activision should allow those that paid for a premium version or upgrade to one to have new content only a couple days later than PS4. That’s why I don’t pay anything more than the game.
Activision took your money up front. They should give you your content.
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I'm having same problem wtf is going on

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@kinghit84 wrote:

I'm having the same issue downloaded zombie map but season pass not registering on the game

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Same I even checked my ready to install for bo4 and nothing showed up

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Yeah samething happened to me it only shows that i have the classified zombs map but thats what doesnt make sense if i have that, shouldnt the black ops pass be downloaded as well??????

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Yes I am having the same issue, I bought the $100 digital version and now it still asks me to buy it in game, and it says I own the black ops pass in the microsoft store... 

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same i am have the same problem too if find a why to fix it tell me


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Same issue here with Digital Deluxe... no 8500 points either
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you got it, log into and older call of duty you should see them. theres nothing to use them on yet for bo4. i think they said its going to be a week to 2 weeks before they start doing the supply drops like in bo3

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