Shooting players first then the game cheats me

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

With the new updates, it seems I am being cheated out of kills. On more than one occasion, I get the drop on an enemy and shoot first, only to have them shoot and kill me. Once I had level 3 armor and full health, and using a tactical rampart. Shot across to another house at an enemy, and he shoots back at me with a Swat, and kills me! I sneak up behind one guy and unload on him with a Vapr. I had level 2 armor on and full health, but I start shooting him first, only to have him turn around and kill me. Then I had a guy walk into a room while I had my KN57 trained on the door, and I open fire on him right away. Again, he jumps around and kills me. I had full health and level 2 armor. Something is just not right with this game now. I have been cheated so many times like this that it is not even fun anymore. Is anyone else seeing this?

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This crap happens all the time and it pisses me off too. I am so tired of people saying it's my internet connection though I know it's not. I have a better connection than 90% of the people who play this game and being an electrical engineer in the automation industry I have built many networks and know how to monitor them. I am not sure what the cause is but I am getting to the point of just uninstalling the whole game and playing something else. IMO I think it's a problem witht he servers. This game get so out of synch it's comical sometimes. Take video with a third party camera then watch what you record vs. what the in game video records and you'll see a differene when that's happening to you. You'll also see a lot of missed shots killing you and your missed shots killing others and I don't think it's only going to get worse. Since everytime they send out an upgrade something else doesn't work. Not to mention how horrible there servers are. Good luck yo.

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