Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One


I am a big fan of call of duty and all the title games that fall in the bunch.

Black Ops4 is by far the worse issued game of them all.

Spawning is the biggest problem. Enemy players literally get spawned in right behind you or within your team at any given moment.

Now camping has always been an issue and will always be,just can't be stopped.

You can be on the move or just worked hard to lock down an area. Maybe grinding on your blood thirsty streak but (Bang) right in the back or from spot where you just cleared as you push forward.

Want to have a great ratio -NOT HAPPENING!, Spawning is a mess and makes the game more worthless than it could ever been with prior games.

Yes good and bad is to the individual point of view. Cool, but no one wants to get killed in the game by simply a horrifying spawn sequence. There is nothing we can do when it happens.

There should be a distance to a player dynamic to the spawn or a delayed kill or get killed when spawning aspect.

There are other things wrong or need a patch update resolving the most complaint issue in the community.

A lot of things to unlock /cod points =money out of some for. 

Year's of promises to make a better game each game prior to only get another rushed game.

Also Ajax shield just run to strong head ache,also the pitbull just not enough bullets in a clip to stop.

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I agree. Spawning is a mess at this time
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I have to agree with the spawns, I have noticed they are much worse recently it’s just one thing they never get right or acceptable , the game moves too fast it needs to slow down a bit as you can get back to wherever you want on most maps in short times.

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