Split screen gameplay and lag

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

So my husband and I are playibg split screen and the gameplay looks rediculous. Thought we came a long way from looking pixelated. Plus it's been lagging during split screen only. Hope they patch things up 

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I was just searching to see if anyone was having the same issue. When ever I die my wife's frame rate slows way down or it happens to me. I lose 3 to 4 gun fights a game because of this. I have over a 2 k/d when playing alone, but I have to scrap to get close to 1 when split screen.  Either frame rate slows down or getting shot before the person is seen on my screen. My connection is strong.   I've been playing cod since cod 2. The last few years have been so disappointing especially with the issue with ww2 and splitscreen. When my wife and I first got on the other night I was hoping it was just a bad room or two. Please put some TLC into the splitscreen online experiance. I dont know about other couples, but this is my wife's and I thing each night and it's becoming increasingly hard to have a good time.   Please make this right. 

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have the same Issue, looks pixelated and play's Spongy

sorry for my bad English, i'm German

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i get this too. they need to fix the resolution, it looks really pixelated and its very difficult to play. the map is hard to use too

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Every time one of you is in the menus the frame rate tanks. So when one respawns the other is screwed
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My wife and I have ths same split screen problem. We usually play at the end of the day in hopes of having some good matches but our split screen lags but in single player it doesn't.  Seems to me the creators don't really care about the quality they put out. MAKE COD GREAT AGAIN!

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Same here. Smiley Sad

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Same problem here on ps4 pro. Not playable. WW2 and IW splitscreen worked fine..
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split screen is unplayable as it is right now. To small and super laggy.

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Same issue on xbox one X its unplayable. I hope treyarch fixes it because i only play split screen with my fiance

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