Split screen gameplay and lag

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Hi over on ps4 section there is thread about splitscreen, there is feedback form on there so we can complain about splitscreen, also someone has started a petition so maybe sign that aswell and make Treyarch etc notice and hopefully they can fix splitscreen
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Is there a link to that thread?
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This happen with me to when i olay alone all good and great but when i play split screen with my brother its lagging .my internet is very good so the problem is in the game pleeeeez make it better we love this game so good please make it right 

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When is this issue going to be addressed? I feel if this was an issue that was affecting the Professional realm of players then it would have already been resolved. It’s sad that my family and I can’t play the game together that we got for Christmas. 

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We should start a petition and someone can tweet it out to TREYARCH.
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Still having issues. I purchased this game for my girlfriend and I to play and it is unplayable. Can’t believe the issue has still not been fixed.
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I know it's ridiculous that when we play split-screen it is so small. I mean what was the point of placing black bars on the side of the screen it makes everything smaller and harder to see. Not to mention that even on the Xbox x split-screen lags like crazy and has terrible fps. come on even split-screen on black ops 2 looked and played better.

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I and my daughter love to play, but the split screen looks horrible in this game.
When I play alone, it's all normal, but on split screen, the information is too small and there is too much delay during the games, which makes us die too much.
They need to fix these problems urgently.
We are disappointed and this is making us go back to playing ww2.
Excuse me. I'm from Brazil and I used google translator to write this text.

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