The reason behind high ping in Australia

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

I have the option where i live in South East Queensland to use Cable 100down 5up ADSL2+ 20down 1up or 4G hotspot 200down 20up. all have suficant upload speeds for gaming.
My issue is no matter which conection i use on Blackout my ping is 60 at best.
after looking into Treyarch server location i got info saying it is in Adelaide, South Australia. 
so i did a speed test from my location to a Telsra server in Adelaide with almost identical ping test on all three as i do, from the in game connection meter. 
If their server is 2000km away their is no way on earth i can enjoy this game with a ping over 60 reguarless of my speeds. 

Why isnt our server located in a more centralized location like Sydney....?

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