Treasure Vault Reactive Camo not revealing on any weapon

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

Hi guys


Does anybody have trouble not unlocking the reactive camo for the "Treasure Vault" for any weapon, because I had a

bug where my treasure vault reactive camo is revealed in MP matches, but when I backed out of the game it's not revealing

the actual reactive camo itself, it's still comes out as unrevealed reactive camo. And the challenge for unlocking the treasure vault reactive camos are "Get 5 kills in a game or one game"

to unlock the treasure vault reactive camo and will display as "Unlocked Reactive Camo For The Treasure Vault - Get 5 Kills in a game", does that

mean I have to get like "5 kills without dying or 5 kills in a game" meaning I get 3 kills but I got 2 more kills to go until I unlock that reactive camo?

Beacuse I've tried every method and it's still does not work, could anybody please help me unlock this treasure vault reactive camo that'll be much appreciated.


Please let me know in the comment section if you guys have that reactive camo for the "Treasure Vault" unlocked, and if so please let me know.

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