Yellow triangle but I have purchased the Pass?!?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

It doesn't work !! 

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Same Here, First Time It's happened to me as well. I'd be shocked if we get any attention or support to resolve glitches & fixes on our platform this week. Everyone is going to be transfixed on everything new & live for PS4, until the finally start doing all updates/patches/dlc/etc simultaneously for all consoles i'd expect more of the same problems as a best case scenario...
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I have the same issue I even uninstalled and reinstalled my pass

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  1. I'm curious if uninstalling and reinstalling did anything. Please keep us posted shadow. Everybody else, I'm having the same issue too, wth is going on? So is this problem only with the Madagascar and elevation maps...? Any help would be appreciated, I submitted a ticket but I doubt I'll get a response soon. Smh *****ing treyarch and Activision, they really *****ed up a great game this time
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I deleted everything reinstalled still same problem 

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same problem but just let me play elevation TDM. think it false message maybe

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From the main menu, go to the store and select the Operation Grand Heist Pack. Choose download. Problem solved.

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What Nomadic Savage said, it worked on mine yesterday.

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This is Xbox One fourum, not PS4.  Operational Grand Heist is not even out for XB1 yet.  We are still on Absolute Zero.

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Yep same here cant access dlc multi or zombie why did id spend nie on a hundred quid on a game i cant play. REMEMBER WHEN COD WAS GOOD!

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