Yellow triangle but I have purchased the Pass?!?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One


no. all i remember is problem over and over. thought this game would be better. anything to get my kid off fortnite

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So, if you go to the “Featured” tab once at the game mode selection screen, you should see something for “Map Pack Moshpit”, click on that and you should be able to download them no problems. Hope this helps. (I just figured it a few mins ago, was kinda peeved we would have to go through all this just to get this, should have been downloaded with the update). 

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clear chace and saved data. if its still there then click on the store in the main menu and make sure its actually installed and not just purchased 

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they told me uninstall and reinstall and it did not work. everytime they do an update they f something up

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Do we not have to wait till next week for the new maps on XB?


Thought we were 1 week behind the PS because of the exclusivity deal....

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Yeah I have the same problem. It did it after I install this new update. I have uninstalled and reinstilled everything. Same result every time. I also contacted Activision and no response back. It seems they just don't care about their Xbox One customers at all.

Activision sucks!
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I’ve also been super-frustrated with the terrible updates and endless bugs. It’s amazing how messed up this game is, considering how basic it is. Half the multiplayer maps are from 5+ years ago, there’s no campaign mode for them to work on, yet this game is an absolutle nightmare.

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