Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

why can you just leave league play games without any  consequences, oh no you lose 30 points more than normal, you should lose at least double what you can earn for a win, second of if you leave 3 games you should get a ban for like 2 hours when the ban is over and people leave again for 3 games ban them for a day after that a week so on and on, look at overwatch it worked.

Dont come with the story i disconnected we dont care sort your internet out if you cant dont play league in the first place.

Treyarch you should be ashamed this is the third league play i play from you guys but leavers are still the biggest complaint because you do not do anything against them, 3 league play and it is still this ***** when it came in the game it didnt had any consquences they needed to add in something later absolute joke, literally last game i will ever buy from activision or any develepors that are working with them, they actually might be worse than ea and that says a lot 

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The same problem here.
70% of the games in which I play in ranked matches, someone leaves the game, condemning his team to a loss.
I am  no longer enjoying this game by such situations.
Players who leave are tolerated and therefore know that they can continue to do so.
Something on the principle "I will get out of this match" and join the next only because the team lost, for example, 2 rounds in a row.
I'm really tired of this and I do not want to play.

My K/D ratio : 1.35
My W/L ratio : 0.69

I cant any progress my rank. This is Sad

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Exactly i just won a game of search and destroy 13 ekia 1 kia and the game after i get a 3 man team (me and 2 others) its really a worthless setup. At the start of league they say "you get ranked by the way you play" sorry but im not gonna play very good against a 5 man premade team while i have 2 leavers and probably a minimum of 1 noob in my team and im sorry but i will leave as well if i have 2 teammembers missing. If we are a 4 man team i will try harder since its necessary but a 3 man team vs a 5 man team is just a 90 percent lose.

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