"You do not have the DLC Maps in this Playlist. Map selection will be limited" Error message.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

  1. Same here shows I don't have them in game but shows I have them in store
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I agree, just got the season pass added to my basic game and it's the same for me, more than likely because the last ones not out until tuesday

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I've had this message since the latest update... It's nothing to worry about... All maps and etc. is there and works ok... U can start an offline match against bots and you'll see all dlc stuff is available...

My guess is that the message will go away when the 7 day wait is over.. PS4 get the new maps a week earlier, my guess is the xbox stuff is already in the update but locked for us xbox people.. 

Doesn't bother me that much...Playstation gamers have had this waiting 1 or 2? weeks for several years during the 360 PS3 days and blah blah


It's all about the money


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Same here as well. Also, i have noticed today after grinding for 5+ hours that I have only played 6 different maps over the course of the day.

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Agreed. Had high hopes on bo4. Wasted.

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This whole time I just thought the 2 maps mustn't have come out yet?!

Now I see the error message saying I don't have the maps, even though I have everything purchased and apparently installed?



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I have the blackops pass and it is telling me I do not have the DLC maps when i go to play, all packs are installed.


I have never played the new maps either just went into a custom game and they are defineltley there!


Why is this happening?


Xbox One X

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So annoying, I wish I could get my money back
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Spoke to the guys at Activision by raising a ticket and they looked into the issue and I am able to play the MP Pack 1 maps which include Madagascar and Elevation now, finally. Thank you so much Activision. 



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What did they do to resolve it 

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