what was that update all about?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One

i dont see why all the guns have been buffed or nerfed, they were fine? I'll admit i complained not long ago about lmg's but i personally think the only one that needed nerfing was the titan. I didn't think any of the guns needed buffing either, especially the KN, Rampart, auger and the swordfish. If anything i think that spawns were a problem, (which seems to be even worse after the update) and the game lobby is way to laggy. Idk how long you have between each game but it feels like you've only got 20 seconds to sort out a class but because its lagging so hard you can't do anything. 

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I dont know whats going on. Right now the game is unplayable, after every game the past hour the server is no longer available. And i agree, very laggy in the lobby and the game play too. Getting Fn old.

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