1.17 Operation Spectre Introduced a Stealth Nerf to the MOG12, taking it from 6 to 4 shells or bullets on April 30th 2019

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

In case y'all didnt notice, our MOG12 now only has 4 shells or bullets in the chamber, instead of its usual 6. When PaP'd, or Pack-a-Punched, the number of shells has dropped from 16 to 12. This was NOT  documented in Treyarch's official patch notes.
Why are we getting stealth changes, for the love of god.
Its so obnoxious when something slips through the patch notes, because then I have to wonder how much else was changed without documentation.
For all we know, the game's/weapon's stats couldve been completely turned on their heads. 
What do I think of the nerf itself? I'm in love with it.
The mog is literally one of the top 5 best weapons in CoD zombies, and you start the game with it once you hit level 50 out of your 1700 level journey. I appreciate the nerf, big time.
Also!! Big f***ing LOL at that f***ing buff to winters wail. Thats literally the single biggest buff in any vieo game Ive ever seen. What a meme dude. xD

Closing thought: Has anybody else seen any other "stealth changes" introduced with the introduction of Operation Spectre ?

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