Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

Whats everyone's opinion on these blue zombies? 

Im not a fan how theyve implemented them. They make the game inconsistent. I believe they make regularly zombies 10 times stronger i heard a character mention and they deal 50% more damage. They make round 30 feel like round 50 and makes the game just frustrating and such a chore especially if your using a regular weapon. I feel they should not get increased health. A level 30 should have level 30 health.

The damage im ok with kinda but it makes the game inconsistent especially if your playing online with any kind of lag. They already make you a 3 hit kill and online just makes for wtf moments especially.

Im all for zombies being tougher, maybe they should not appear til round 20 or 30 and only do 50% more damage and not have increased health. It should get tougher as you get higher rounds. 

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