Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

Hi all


My friend and I are having real troubles getting the gold vase to spawn, any advise/tips would be gratefully received.


We have got the key, at that point we tend to head to the arena and get stomped on lol, we have managed crowd affinity once and seen the power up the crowd throw in but can never manage it twice in a game.


Is there something we are missing?


Are there any other steps we should do first?


Do we have to stay in the arena to achieve the positive affinity?


Thanks for your help guys

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Add me, TWI1ICH#1844, Im always up for ee's!!! Easter Egg steps for nine are (1) open pap, (2) shoot pot between Ra and Danu, (3) grab skull and use acid on it right away!, (4) Pick up key from acid bath... after u pick up the key u are just waiting for the vase, try to keep positive affinity and it will come in about 3 rounds!

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