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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

I can not figure this out! I see the 4 word code above the url but when I go to said url there are no further instructions and no obvious link... Any help would be appreciated

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I have no clue. Btw can you tell me what a heavy zombie is? I have been searching the internet and I haven’t found anything. Good luck on your search, thanks 

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heavy zombie's are the gladiators in IX thats the best way to get compleet it

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They are gladiators and/or brawlers

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Heavy zombies inclide gladiators, brawlers, etc

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Like the warden or blight father


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So a heavy zombie is like a boss kinda like brutas from mod of the dead or blood of the dead that’s a heavy zombie or from ix but that’s a heavy zombie bro no worry’s it’s cool 

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Heavy enemies are the gladiators on IX. That's the only heavy enemy I know. 

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Did you find out how to use it


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I have been searching the boas. No luck... I cannot get a boas page. It is nice that bo4 is doing this clandestine secret service stuff.... but give a clue at least.

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