Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

I completed the Easter egg I killed the 2 elephants and the cutscene didn’t play I killed zombies for 15 minutes and the cutscene didn’t start it would’ve been my first time completing it and this happens I don’t get the achievement I waste 2 hours of my time 

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I too had this same problem with a cople of friends, and we spent around 30 min searching the internet but no fix, the only thing iv' seen about it, is this post, and some other guy that has had this happen to him consecutavliy 4 times, perhaps there are things that predetermine wether this glitch will happen or not. for instance: duing the third trial where you are given infinite specialist, me and a friend's specialist was not infinite, but two other specialist were infinite, but that is only a suspicion. the cause of this glitch is unknown

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