IX skull wont spawn, wood wont drop

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

Cmon how we can play!!!

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The wood part happened to me multiple times. Now what I do is try to get it asap during the first rounds where gladiators spawn. I end up getting it around the same time I get the shield.

If before round 15 it does not drop I just restart cause it seems to bug and not work for the entire game. The first time I kept trying until round 31!

As for the skull, sometimes it is hard AFFFF to see!
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I noticed that when I play casual mode on IX, the piece of wood never breaks off. I tried every corner of both pyres with 2 or more gladiators throwing axes at the same spot more than once. However, when I play on normal, i can get the wood to break off in one shot at round 13 when they send out the gladiators. I also wasn't able to find the skull in the pack-a-punch room on casual difficulty. I checked the 8 spawn locations that I'm aware of and couldn't find it. I did find it on normal difficulty no problem. Maybe casual mode on this map is bugged.

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The clocks aren’t changing after pap on voyage, the skull isn’t spawning on IX. Playing normal no mutations. Seems to have happened after the last patch. FYI to people playing on casual, the EE only works on normal and up apparently. 

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Nope.  Just checked my settings and I only play IX on Normal mode, not casual.


Any other ideas people?

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It's working for me now.  Make sure to select Normal difficulty setting.  Then make sure you activate PaP, then try both Pyres to see which one will break off the wood for you. As far as the skull, I'm just not keen-eyed enough to see it i guess.  Keep playing my dudes!

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there isnt even a difficulty setting, theres custom game options, none of which have a difficulty setting.  this game has been out way too long for them to be having this kind of problem and still haven't replied to their own forums. one of the best games theyve made in awhile FINALLY, but the devs have been lazier than hell the last couple of years. hope we can get some kind of a fix soon.

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I just want to confirm this is an issue. One thing though that I am not sure everyone knows, you have to do the Easter Egg Online & on the Online version. You can not choose "Zombies," which takes you to the Offline mode, or none of the Easter Eggs will work. I tested this and the Offline version 100% of the time had the Easter Egg off, but the Online version 100% of the time had the Easter Egg.

So just wondering if the issue for some is they are going into "Zombies," instead of the Online version.

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Lmao did you just say there weren't difficulty settings?? Omg yes yes there are. 4 of them.

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Custom game will NOT let you complete the easter egg.

You must select 'classic' > 'normal' > 'IX'

Or for public match just select IX I think

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