Looking for people to play Zombies with.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies



Add me! I'm getting back into playing Zombies and want to do the same Easter eggs! Smiley Happy 


I know the full Easter egg for Dead of the Night, as that's my favourite map at the moment. But in the process of learning the rest. 


I'm 26, on Xbox One, have a mic etc. 


Add me; Nippy Daffodil 


See ya out there Smiley Happy 


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Add me xbox one gamertag is the vapatin need help whit voyage of despair easter egg 

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I play on xbox one GT: Im7CitysJuggalo. I'm trying to complete main EE on all maps. Need a new team, same issue most of my friends don't play or are MIA. Im 36, have a mic and play serious. Add me!!!

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