Mastercraft/Signature weapons in zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

I believe this is a must for zombies players. I realize we need a game that works properly first of all, although this needs to be one of the first non performance updates we see for zombies. It's only fair that we are also able to use our weapon variants in zombies mode. 

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I totally agree. This is the first time purchasing Black Ops. There is no campaign mode, while that does suck it is not the end of the world and would not have bought the game had I known that. And once again it sucks that we can't use signature weapons in zombies. My son really wanted those signature weapons to take out bad guys. I hope they push out an update soon.

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Yes exactly! Where are the signature weapons that I pre ordered and additionally spent actual money to unlock?

These weapon variants have been present in the past iterations of zombies.

Whether it's just cosmetic, or if it actually gives you additional stats (like extra XP on kill), I would expect these to be included.


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Yes please i 100% support this

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