Need help with ee on bo4 & bo3

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies


Im looking for some people to play zombies with. Mostly Easter eggs. I'm not very good but I'm getting better. Highest round I made on bo4 ix was 25 solo and bo3 was 13 solo.

**I have bo4 on ps4 and bo3 on pc**


Contact Me:

Discord - tenac_ious420#6785

Gt ps4 - tenac_ious420


About Me:

- Im 19

- I have a mic on ps4 only. Getting one for pc soon. 

- I play BO4 & BO3 mostly, but I have other games tho

- Im not the best at zombies but would love to get better

- Im ok at training

- I also love to play custom zombies maps on Black Ops 3

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