Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies


I can no longer play public Voyage of Despair. It only offers me solo.  You have rendered my game worthless and I will be seeking a refund in small claims court.

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I totaly agree with your choice of action. We can no longer choose the map we want to play. What we have to do is go into a game hoping that it's the map we want to play. That is ridiculous.


I'm guessing the PC lobbies are so dead that they had to combine all lobbies together so that people can get a game. I'm sure this'll be the last BO game forever. It will be for me at least.

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Yeah what a LAME move from them.

Zombies is already dead why not make it on sale.. Battlefield V has a BIG player base and yet they made it on sale for 30$.
Soon there will be nobody to buy your game and you will be on welfare idiots.


I hope all the zombies lobby die and nobody buy this game in the futur.

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yep, Ive played every black ops, and every COD, If this isnt fixed.... Im done with it....And I also will demand my money back

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I don’t like that you can no longer see other players load outs and if they have ready up or not. Before you could kind of tell how they was going to play but now without being able to see I’m finding a lot more people backing out and them trolling other players.

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