Vet BO3 player, new to BO4 zombies. Looking for some team mates.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

Hey there. Just picked up bo4 on PS4 and eagerly wanting to get into the new zombies systems for bo4. I'm fairly experienced overall with 700 hours playtime for Bo3 zombies with prestige master. What I'm after is a few people to squad up with on the vanilla maps (sorry I know some just came out - will get dlc shortly) and get me up to speed.


What guns are good, decent spots, perks, the more info the better. If you fancy sharing some knowledge, please hit me up on PS4. I'll be grinding a lot over the next two weeks. I appreciate anyone's time massively.


PSN - SickoJay (add the  comment "Zombies")


Cheers. Cat Happy

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