Why is zombies so much harder?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

In BO3, the zombies weren’t as fast or as damage-dealing as in BO4. The BO3 systems with perks, gobblegums, and the strength of zombies and hellhounds were probably the most balanced systems in any COD Zombies. But in BO4, the perks are almost completely gone, gobblegums were ditched for some crappy elixirs, and zombies and hellhounds are way too strong at lower rounds. 


I have absolutely no idea why you changed the way zombies worked. For example, juggernog has been in zombies since BO1. But in BO4, it’s completely nonexistent. It’s way too hard for the average zombies player to live without it. 


In previous Black Ops Games, zombies was the coolest part. Now, it’s probably the least interesting part. Blackout is obviously the main attraction. And multiplayer is better than ever (combining mechanics from BO1/BO2 and BO3.)

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Zombies being harder is something a lot of the die hard community asked for. People pretty much scoffed at the idea of being able to be spoon fed through an entire match through the use of gobblegums. Juggernog was removed because with all the other things you can use to get yourself out of a bad situation, it's not necessary. Just like Speed Cola isn't necessary with the use of Fast Mags. The thing is, on whatever difficulty it puts you on in Public matches, it's still 4 hits to die. At least it is at my level, it started off at 150 hp and now it's 200 for some reason... But not only that, you have a shield, which with a certain perk blocks damage from all sides.. You have a special weapon which you can charge from the very beginning. You have elixirs to teleport you to different locations or help kill zombies near you. You have team mates hopefully. You have weapon MODS (Not to be confused with attachments, which you also have, but are less effective than most mods). You might have a weapon that instakills zombies like a PaP'd shotty, sniper or even a weapon with an Alternate Munitions type...Hell you even have Dying Wish. Zombies is now balanced in the way that it's fast paced but you can still manage with some skill and knowledge of synergistic capability, instead of a single gobblegum that will give you all the perks on a map with a single use, or a gobblegum that will kill all zombies in your sight, or one that freezes all zombies on the entire map for 30 seconds, or even one that seemingly boosts the chances of a power drop by 500%. By the way, hellhounds are actually the same strength they were at before. At my level a regular zombie kills me in 4 hits, while a dog does in 5. It's no big deal, especially considering they have low health, and the shield exists. 


If that was too long for you, here's the same thing but compressed:

Gobblegums were stupidly overpowered and made the game way too casual and boring.

Elixirs are balanced.

The Perks for the most part contained a Meta of course - Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Mule Kick, or if you're like me, replace MK with Quick Revive and Speed Cola with Staminup. This version got rid of that in favor of perks which add flavor to the game by changing it up and adding synergistic qualities between Perks, Elixirs and Weapons. 

Speed cola is not necessary because the slowest weapons all have fast mags.

Double Tap is not necessary because zombies are easy to kill. 

Juggernog is not necessary because you have plenty of B, C, D and so forth options

The rest of the perks (that I can think of) Are still in the game, but probably modified. 

Perks are not almost completely gone, in fact you have more of them at your disposal. Where as maybe you only get 4 or 5 on one map in BO3, you now have FOURTEEN which you can select from, all of which, spoiler alert, have great potential, if used right. 

Zombies are not strong.

Hellhounds are not strong. They spawn a hell of a lot more at like round 25 and up, but even then their health does not scale as well as you think it does. 


In conclusion- You are used to being babied. Sorry, but that's how it is. Play the game a little more, and you might get used to how things are, and develop some skills.

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I don't know I think I have to agree with coolbiz. The zombies aspect just seems to be way too hard. Like not even fun to play difficult. I have been playing zombies since WAW and while I agree that sometimes the gobblegums were too powerful or that it could get a little dull because I had gotten pretty decent at surviving, the response shouldn't be to just scale the difficulty all the way up. In my experience the casual difficulty they added is roughly equivalent to playing BO3 zombies. Can be kind of easy but also can get challenging especially if you're learning the maps but in BO4 the regular difficulty is just brutal and discourages people from playing. Only one of my friends is ever willing to play with me because he's a die hard fan and wants to keep playing and even he complains about it sometimes. Because if he and I want to play a casual game of zombies it's impossible. Treyarch should've kept the difficulty the same as it was before and then added more challenging difficulties for those who do nothing with their life but play zombies so that they can have a challenge if they want.

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They have messed with them they now are almost back to the way they were when it released. And now they seem to have a ten foot reach.

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Purdiv or whatever.....on the contrary Bo1 was super challenging, call of the dead was unbelievably hard with George yet it was so fun because it was playable but also took a huge amount of skill.

However BO4 takes away all skill and fun from training by overpowering the zombies to be immune to juking, they don't delay on spawning when you walk into a new room and their reach is incredibly far. 

Bo4 caters more to the campers then the actual skilled players who prefer to train and juke. 

In the end bo4 is more for the noobs.

Bo3 was perfectly balanced and gobblegums are optional.

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That moment when you realize that instead of juggernog you have increased health which makes way more sense then going and finding a machine and wasting 2500 points just so you don’t go down in two hits which btw one single zombie can sometimes hit you two times in a row soooo 

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I like what theyve tried to do with the perks and make the zombies abit tougher and remove essentially all the OP gobblegums from bo3. They removed jug etc from bo4 because they were must have perks and you had to buy them every game in previous cods. But in doing so they still have perks in this game that are a must use now. You put yourself at a dissadvantage without them. Stamina, Quick Revive, Dyish Wish, Victorious Tortoise will probably be the loadout for majority people as they will literally help save your life. They probably should of removed all these to if they really thought about it and kept health at 5 hits have health regeneration as a standard and have a set movement speed so none of these perks are necessary. But then of course everyone will always use the same loadout from the remaining perks in any serious game they played. But none of the others really impact your ability to survive as the golden four ive mentioned.

Then theres the blue zombies, i hate they way theyve implemented these. Makes a regular zombie 10 times stronger i think i heard a character say and deal 50% more damage making a round 30 feel like round 50. They should not have more health in my opinion. Round 30 zombies should have round 30 health. 


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