XB1X, BO4 Zombies IX, game crashes on round 45 or higher

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies


Since the last three updates on Xbox One X, BO4 Zombies IX crashes on round 45 and higher. 

All progression made during the match will never persist i.e., "2.5k headshots".

I have encountered this issue on several occasions which amounts to 10,000+ lost headshots.

Do I need to modify any in-game settings to prevent this i.e, "enable cartoon mode"?


I’m not hear to rant rather inquire as to whether any workarounds exist.

  1. Are there any options to prevent or reduce the chance of the game crashing on high rounds, on XB1 X?

  2. Are there any paths of recourse available in order to be compensated the lost progression of stats i.e., "weapon camo progress"?

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How are you getting 2500 headshot is this solo or how many players. But it use to crash around 30 and it has been crashing at that round ever since they made it where you can’t run to far ahead of your pack or they spawn in front of you. I got luck during that double xp to get 57 finally. But the day after that I was on 55 and got a invite and it crashed and now it is back to the 40s. You can go to the so called leaderboards and look at the kills and then look at your stats and the deference is how many is lost from crashes I’m up to almost 20,000. And I’m 578 with 34 days in the game and when you are prestige master you don’t get xp like everyone else.


and don’t use killa-watt or electric cherry but after all that if you see to many elemental zombies and a blight father spawns if it doesn’t crash I would suggest die before it does. Also if your money starts to lag it’s getting ready to crash to. And I’m on PS4 

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