Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

 Hi Treyarch Dev's & Players,


I Really Would LOVE to see Zombies Chronicles 2 !


"Blood Of the Dead, Alpha & Omega & Classified"

Were Re-Makes, Not Full Re-Masters

...So Dissapointing, Not Even Original Maps.


Please Stop With the Re-Makes.


Would Like to See A COD Zombies Crossover:


Maybe We Can See "Infection/Town"

From Advanced Warfare

Re Made For Non Exo-Zombies.

Since Sledgehammer Games Got Fired.


Also Would Like To See "Shaolin Shuffle"


From Infinite Warfare


But Here Are Are the Re-Masterd Maps I'd Love to see In Glorious 4K & HDR  (NOT RE-MAKES)


TranZit (NO FOG) (COD Mobile Version?)

Mob Of The Dead (Original)

Nuk3town (Seperate Map)

Buried (Original)

Die Rise (Original)

Call Of The Dead (No FOG)

Infection/Burger Town (Non Exo-Zombies)

Shaolin Shuffle (Original)


Please Give Us a Zombies Chronicles 2

Black Ops 4 Deserves Better.

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If they decide to release Chronicles 2, I hope they put it on BO3 and cut their losses with BO4. So many mistakes were made. 

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Yes that would Be Totally Epic


But Lets Face it, They Wouldn't Do that.


Black Ops 4 Is Their Newest Game & They Would Want to Boost Sales For that.


They Would Do a Black Ops 4, Year 1 Pass & Zombie Chronicles 2.0 Bundle For New Players.

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