Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies


What was the reasoning behind no longer allowing players to pick the map they want to play in the zombies mode? It feels like you have no interest in the community that likes that mode. I can’t think of any other game designed this way, I mean we have got the choice in every single call of duty games that came before that one. Why have you changed it to be this way? It was just fine before. So now not only is it hard to find a game but on top of that I don’t even get to chose what map I will be playing that game on. As well as that when are we gonna get to personalise the characters from dead of the night? Or have you decided to just not give the option and will never do so? I mean it’s just very upsetting really, I preordered the game with the season pass but I now am full of regrets and it just getting from bad to worse really...

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