Zombies ix skull and skull grinder do not spawn

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

since last weeks update of 6th nov, the skull and skull chrusher do not spawn in my games. if found both items without trouble before the patch many times.

even afther this weeks update i still can't find them.... 

i do the right game mode, do all the other steps, LOOk at the right places but still nothing.....

anyone else having this problem on IX, PS4

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I am also having this problem, not so much with the grinder but with the skull. I am playing on Xbox One. I am hearing a lot of problems with the skull spawning in. 

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Been trying to do the IX Easter Egg for a couple weeks and the Skull + Grinder doesn't spawn, but it seems to bug only on Solo games. I tried with a friend yesterday and it did spawn, tried with a bot (game switching from Solo to Private) and it did spawn too! But everytime I'm launching a Solo game it does not work.

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I haven't tried the Easter egg for ix but I can't see the numbers for the spoon when peering through the sheild on blood of the dead(solo/private only)

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