Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Not sure if this is signs that a hack at Activision has taken place however when i logged in this morning (BST) via my playstation account, it took me to another screen to ask to join the community and every time i put my pasword in (correctly and even did the forgot password function) it kept telling me my password was incorrect. Also the email for password reset was address to some other username!?!?! 


Anyone else experience this or can tell me how to get passed this screen?


Incidentally, I am only on here as pressing "Back" on my browser randomly took me to the code actvation (which is why i wanted to log in in the first place) and i was then allowed to get to this blog page. 


Or, is it that Activision has not properly tested their website and the team responsible was not paid enough to bug fix properly?



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shut down/ lock out any credit card attached to that playstation and contact Activsion Via email or if you can find a phone number for US branch... if you have the option to lock out your bank card do it ASAP...

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