All ready hackers active ps4 BO4 ?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4


Cheating and hacking are both cheating. But unless you have solid proof that Consoles Playstation and Xbox are being hacked..... and the code is being re-written like PC, you're playing a game of symatics......


Toxic post's and gamers are a problem.... My post never said once that I am ok with it or condone cheating so stop putting yourself out there as being the "Voice and the Character of the Community"


You're spouting off for no good reason. I gave an opinion to a question that was asked... Simple..... You don't agree with it.... good for you but don't make assumptions and translate my post for the toxic crap that you are spewing....


You also speak only for "Yourself" not most, any or all of the community! It's your opinion...... Get a grip and get over yourself.... "Champ"


By the way welcome to the forum! 

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