Anyone else feeling the weapons REALLY inconsistent?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

It's like no matter headshots or limb shots, no matter the range, no matter high caliber or fmj,  they sometimes would kill in 4 shots, they sometimes won't kill in 8 shots... 

Anyone else feeling this way? 


(Btw an extra question.. Am I the only one concerned that this game has less weapons than mw2.. A game released 10 years ago?)

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Yes when a gks beats a kn in black out head shot for headshot at range there are way to many issues

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It’s the nature of the LagStation Network man. Even with servers, it is *****. Why? Too much thir world country connections. Thry try to “give them a fair chance” by adjusting the hit markers and that is why stuff like this happens. They should just leave people with bad connections stucked in the same corner without being able to move. They teleport with the lag compensation.
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