BO4 PS4 connection problems

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Is it just me or...


Blackout is working fine, but multiplayer has serious connection problem:


Almost every time when I am trying to play game by myself, I get error "you have too many players in your party". I have no party at all. Not party in this game and not party in PSN.


And when I sometimes managed to get in the game, I got error "migration host". And after that game will crash.


Is this problem global or is it just me? Does anybody else have this same issue?

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I do not get pleasure during the game, the multiplayer constantly lags, taking into account the fact that in other games there is no such thing, poor recording of hits, friezes during shooting! Treyarch, give me back my $ 60, and play yourself in your fake game!

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It's not just you, I have the same issue on both Xbox and PS4. I can play any other online game or Call of Duty just fine, it's just BO4 that gives me issues. I haven't been able to really thoroughly enjoy the game yet because of this. 

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The only issues I have with bo4 is me playing on 60-80 ping when on bo3 I get 30 ping 50 at the most on a bad day, and it's hit detection is *****, I'm always able to play and maintain a 2.5 kda every game where are you from, what connection down and up you have?
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So I just did a speed test and am getting like 80up/80down and im wired in. My ping is sitting around 60 at the best of times, above 80 at the worst with the highest spikes going to like 120. This is in blackout mode, the multiplayer does better but only sometimes.  Im near Philly btw.

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Same here
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I have the same problems, Ww2 is working very good but BO4 isn't. When Activision and Treyarch fix that?
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It’s honestly gotta be due to the 20hz servers compared to WW2 60hz servers
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I get the same connectivity issues, I can’t play by myself cause I’ll get booted of sueño tú host migration within the first 30 seconds of the match, someone knows how to fix this issue? I have no problem with any other game I play. 

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I am dealing with excatly the same problems.


Ive had the game for about a week now and i think ive finished about 10 games.. 


Spend 90% of time trying to find a match and when i do it loses the host right after we load in.. 



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