Disconnected from bo4 servers HELP

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

So when I play bo4 I get disconnected from servers it's bad I can't even play zombies I get to round 16 I get disconnected also I get this on multy and blackout I tried chanchin my lan cable didint work at all I need help this guy's


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Happening to me too. I can’t even finish a ffa match without getting disconnected.

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And me as well FFs
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Same here now
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So, I’ve been playing BO4 Blackout since release without any issues. Today, out of the blue, I started being disconnected from the BO4 servers every game. I would enter the game lobby, drop from the air, land, and start searching for items. A few minutes later....bam, disconnected. This happened consistently every game. And, it would also lag my Xbox party at the same time. The person I was playing with wasn’t affected and kept playing every time. Although, he and I would go to connecting in chat party.


My fix: 

1.   clear local saved games — Settings>System>Storage, you'll see an option to Clear local saved games. This will cause your system to restart.


2.  Delete Reserved Space — Go into manage game for BO4, delete reserved space (I believe it was 1GB), and hard boot your system.


After performing these steps, I was able to play without issue and no more issue with the chat party either. Hope this helps.

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That fix worked after spending all night in the perpetual loop of trying to start a round of Zombies, I could play team deathmatch but every time I would start a game of zombies it would say server disconnected. I restarted my router and modem, checked for servers that were down for the game and everything checked out but still couldn't play.

deleting the local saved data and the reserved files fixed the problem. Thank you sooooooo much. 

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I have the same issue and I need you to help me

1. I go to settings>system but there is no storage that I can go to.

2.Can you tell me the steps on how to do it?... clearly just a guy with no idea.

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This happens to me as well, it pisses me off so much.

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exactly the same happening to me, can't play a single game without getting the "server disconnected" error message half way through. So annoying

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