Error Code A B C...... Negative 345 Silver Wolf


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

I cant even enter the game becayse of this error i can enter any game except this one please give me an answer

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Accepted Solutions

Hi there I had the same problem I have spent hours searching for the solution and I have it, the error is from certain ports being blocked by either your router/firewall or like my case by your internet service provider.


the first thing to do is to either dmz your PlayStation or open the ports to your PlayStation, how you do this depends on what make and model of router you have the best way to do it is to google “open ports on your make and model of router” there are thousands of guides and iTunes videos. 


Then if you still can’t play online in any particular mode or all modes I would assume the ports are blocked by your ISP and in that case you would have to contacted them by phone or email and ask them to remove any blocks on ports to your router.


if you don’t have access to your router or ISP because you house share or are at collage/university/halls or what ever then you can setup a VPN to bypass any blocked ports. 


To set up a VPN google “free gaming VPN” there are both free and paid VPN services but bare in mind nothing comes for free and free VPN services will make there money back for there services by any number of ways. For exsame they will be able to see all your internet traffic and details which they can sell to a third party or they will hit you will loads of targeted adverts based on your internet searches, so be careful if you pick this option. 


If you want any any help or advice on any of the steps I am happy to help, I’m a novice network engineer and love solving network problems so will be happy to help. 


Also for everyone else who might see this post and are complaining about the lack of support from activision or treyarch it’s because as I said the fault is with your setup or with your ISP setup not them, you wouldn’t complain at a shoe shop if they didn’t show you how to tie your shoe laces lol 

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It's on Activision's end there is nothing we can do...

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For some reason I get the same issue when I'm connected through ethernet, but when I seitch to wifi it works fine.

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Did it fix itself or did you fix it, is it fixed? I need help fixing it


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It has to do with your network restrictions. I highly advise you contact your service provider and have them look into it.
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Why does it say this

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I think I figured it out. At least it worked on my part. I believe I just got this error because I added my profile to my other ps4 and then downloaded black ops 4 onto it. I then tried to play Black ops 4 today and kept getting the error. I watched a video and this guy was saying that he had downloaded black ops on his daughters PS4 the day before, so that made me wonder. But in the end I just ended up restoring my licenses under Account Managment and that seemed to work. Hope this helps!

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Same scenario bu I had to deleite the game and re download. 

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