Error Code A B C...... Negative 345 Silver Wolf


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Its BS. Completely game server issue. I actually have two seperate ISPs on 2 seperate routers (own my own computer integration business) and it is a no go on both. The ppl saying it is "your router" magically changing the port status either have no clue or have a relationship with the game developers or whom ever is running their server farm. 

For the past 38 mins, have been getting the same errors as everyone else & and the game states it cannot connect to the server. Funny part is, if you go to the "bandwidth usage"  in the console options and the game has used almost 6 times as much bandwidth as any full hour that I have actually been able to play the game. 

This is a typical ploy be 3rd party venders, blame the end user until they actually get it fixed, then they will say "see, you must have corrected the problem." 


There is a reasonable expectation that the game will work as advertised. They have no problem taking all of our money but do not want to fix the issue. 


Perhaps a little class action will lite the fire...but does it really need to come to that? Open your checkbook and pay to fix the f-ing problem. 

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LMAO!! Apparently I must have pissed off a little child there. Can log in just fine, but controller is jacked up. Look up and it goes down, look down and it goes up. And yes, have have tried changing the layout several times with no results. 

Pathetic, hope the little fella feels better. 

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All you have to do is delete the game and reinstall I seen a guy on YouTube do it for Xbox after opening ports and everything I tried all that it didn’t solve it . This was on my ps4 so I said what the hell nothing else worked So I deleted entire game and reinstalled and bam it worked problem solved

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Was playing all morning... reset the app and got this error. Just hit max prestige... guess I'll quit playing this ***** game. 

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Hola por favor que me reclutaran enserio porfa me encanta jugar y me haria muy feliz gracias
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I am unable to connect & play with my brother because of this stupid error, how is it so goddam hard to just fix it

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Since the latest update I have been unable to play online with at all and I get this stupid error code. I havent changed anything on my end nor should I have to.

If they havent got it fixed in 2 weeks I'll be returning the game to the store for a full refund as it isnt doing what its advertised to do. F#ck Activision.

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This is still an issue. I was not having any problems until the last update about 2 weeks ago. Now I am getting this 345 silverwolf issue.


Deleted game. Reinstalled. No fix.


Does not work on WIFI or with ethernet cable. I contacted my ISP they said all my ports are open. No fix.


The only solution i have found is doing the HOTSPOT from your phone, which severely decreases performance.

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