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im 18 from NA

In bo4 I have a 1.8 kd hit masters 3 months ago then took a break in world league I’m a gold level 8 with a 1.4kd

looking for a clan with expirence with a decent amount of members my gt is YesXeno I’m on ps4

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Trace gaming recruitment

[TCG] Trace Gaming Recruiting (Casual & Competitive)
Trace Gaming (TCG) Is The Gaming Community To Connect Gamers! Stuff Like:
•Competitive Teams
•Recruitment Team
•News Team
•Events Team
•Medals And Much More!
•No Gamertag Change!

Join the discord:

Requirements: Must Be 16 +

What We Have To Offer!:
- 600+ Members
- Ranking Structure
- Clubs
- Family
- New Friendships To Be Made
- Medals
- Bots
- Polls
- People To Play With
- No Drama and No GT Change
- Message of The Week
- Member of The Month
- Weekly Recruiter
- Plenty More and More To Come! You Have A Voice!

When asked who recruited you put seahawksruleduh
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Hey man, Check out and give us a chance. We are a gaming community that is based off military structure and are a widespread community with over 2000 active members together on PC,PS4 and Xb1. There is a squad for both Multiplayer and Blackout and even competitive squads if you're interested. Check us out on and then use my gt ImBillssss as your referral. We would love to have you join our community. We are also expecting to expand the division with the newest release of Modern Warfare next month.

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Shadow Company are currently recruiting for PS4. If you are looking for a clan with structured practices, military style procedures and ranking systems with a well run website and forums then please come and check us out!!


We have individual squads that play Multiplayer, Blackout and Competitive Multiplayer.

We cater for the competitive through to the casual gamer, with big emphasis on team work and communication. If this sounds appealing please either take a look at our website, shoot me a message on here on on PSN (MrPunkRocka)

We are here to improve, win, make friends and have fun doing it!

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