Looking for good group of dudes to win with.

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Have been in two clans the past ten years. Was captain over squad of 60 in last clan. Left due to politics taking over group chat. Solid gamer. Good person. Have good internet, working mic, and a SH*T ton of free time due to a recent car accident. Feel free to msg. 🤙🏼

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I too am looking for people to play with. ZacWon13 is my gamertag. Im on now if you wanna play
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TG are currently recruiting for PS4 and XBOX. If you are looking for a clan with structured practices, military style procedures and ranking systems with a well run website and forums then please come and check us out!!! https://tacticalgaming.net/hq/refer/52999/


We have individual squads that play Multiplayer, Blackout and Competitive Multiplayer.

We cater for the competitive through to the casual gamer, with big emphasis on team work and communication. If this sounds appealing please either take a look at our website, shoot me a message on here on on PSN (MrPunkRocka)

We are here to improve, win, make friends and have fun doing it!


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Hello my name is KaiiNe, and I am apart of a community called Vanguard Gaming ( VGX) I am recruiting for my squad VGX Mean Machine’s under the Clan VGX Blackout. If you have any question my contact information is listed below. Thanks for checking VGX out.

Who We Are?

Vanguard Gaming(VGX) is a gaming community composed of casual gamers to provide that family/friendly like atmosphere. We are a 16 and up gaming community. We do not care about kd requirements or skill.

What we offer?
-A military ranking system to bring order
-Weekly to every other week meetings to stay up to date in the community
-Game nights to meet other members of the community, and to have fun
-Leadership opportunities to advance within VGX
-Discord to socialize/communicate with the other members of VGX.

-16 and up
-Register on the VGX website (www.vanguardgaming.org) I can walk you through it
-Have Discord for PC or mobile devices, it is primary way of communication
-Lastly have fun and make friends

Contact info
-Xbox Live: KaiiNe xX
-Discord: KaiiNe xX (CST)#5972
-Twitter: @VGx_KaiiNe__xx

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you in VGX. Thank You!

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