Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

On ps4 is getting massive ping spikes, it's only happening on this game and has never once happened before. its happening randomly as sometimes it'll be ok but most of the time its borderline unplayable, the ping will normally go from 30-50 to 300+ and it will do this constantly and flicker. I don't know why this is happening and haven't found anything else on this issue so if someone can help it would be much obliged 

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Exactly the same issue Xbox one X hard wired to router. It's not all the time and sometimes it calms down after a while. Cod ww2 for example is fine as are other MP games. It's quite recent for me though just this past week


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This is due to the 20hz servers they are running us on right now. I was in a match earlier that had such a bad lag/delay I was getting killed by invisible players. Here I am running at 120mb download on my PS4 hardwired and 20mb up.

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20 was so last week. You need to keep up.  The servers were turned up to 30Hz 2 days ago.


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This is due to the system updates, I am pretty sure of this.

Before system update 4.50 I had no such issues, but after that update I started to get the erratic ping issues.

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I'm having the same issues.  The game has basically been uplayable the last few days.  The lag is so bad when I go to ADS my gun goes all over the place.  I thought about switching to the dreaded XBox because I thought they had dedicated servers only to find out Call of Duty was too cheap to provided dedicated servers on their side as well.  How do they continue to screw us over and why do we keep buying these games?  Not trying to be negative but if you stop and think, it really is unbelievable.

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