Multiplayer , i can’t enjoy it at all !!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Irrelevant now my friend 

but thanks anyways 

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Ive hated pass cods due to same issues but i feel like bo4 is actually way better


and knowing the game now, i get how things work


so issuesnyou’re having i see others have in game and rage


then  when i face them i can tell why they’re losing


(face to facei win) “WTF BULLSH(cuts off)


usually when this happens its cause im running gunho, and they’re not so i snap on instantly and they don’t




and we’re running maddox etc


they’re running mx9/cordite etc


just have to know the game in and out




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Yes I agree with you totally ..

the thing is - I know the set ups that work best for my gun style . It’s just now they have completely stopped working for me .

may sound weird ? But that’s exactly what’s happened - Iv used nothing but snipers since the game started , loved how they connected even though there’s no aim assist , especially using paladin which you could run around with in the beginning and snipe pretty quick with . Over time the gun stopped working like how I was use to , and I mean blatantly !! 

Shots , from certain areas in maps which I learned to get good kills from was just not happening anymore period! And I was playing everyday , it’s not like I had a week out and lost practise - just one day it started being weird and progressed to the point where I had to change snipers. Got use to the koshka for a bit after abandoning the paladin. Playing wicked with the koshka - no scoping etc had my sensitivity and everything on lock just like the paladin and then the gun started underperforming doubling in hit markers , no scopes were and few and the overall performance was just ***** so moved on to another gun and it just never ends ! 

Same sh*t over and over . 

Tbh I’m sick of even going over it , unless your me experiencing what’s going on then it’s very hard to explain everything-

i just find this cod not suitable for me 

and that’s that . 

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