Multiplayer , i can’t enjoy it at all !!

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

I’m coming close to just giving up on this game now . I’m not even excited for the next release !

iv been bashing cod since WAW - every title release bar GHOST and  ADVANCE WARFARE . 

Infact I only have a PS4 just for COD gaming , nothing else I like apart from the odd MORTAL KOMBAT which I haven’t touched for a year or so now . 

My issue is with BO4 and Iv played this game every day now since release and I am just gobsmacked with how hard the game is to the point where I’m thinking there’s either something wrong with my internet or the game is just bad fullstop . 

Infact - the last 2 weeks prior to this rant I was actually having great games sniping but from say 3 days ago I’ve switched to AR’s and SUB’s because for some reason the snipers feel they have been completely nerfed and feels like I’m using sniper versions of the dead handguns that’s on this game . From practically sniping the sh*t out of people to the point I had to buy a game capture just to start recording the skills to missing nearly every shot in my clip literally , just trying to get one static target !?!?!? .. 

i should be improving not going backwards , no ?

so I was doing well with the subs and ARs but now I’m struggling with them . I’m thinking now there’s nothing else to switch to apart from just knifing and combat axeing lol - the games literally hitting a dead end and it’s so f*cking boring using alternative weapons , learning what set ups to do etc etc , when you enjoy using other guns you like . 

So many people are having consistently good games due to the way their melting people and lots are struggling . 

The aiming now with ARs and SUBs are a joke . I cannot / struggle whilst aiming up with an AR for example, at an enemy to straith or move the gun quick enough to keep the gun on the target whilst shooting . And the gun itself , when I aim to shoot it always forces the gun to aim just off the enemy,  Like slightly to the left and if I start shooting I can’t move the aim with right analogue stick to keep up with the moving enemy . It’s like when you put two magnets together negative to negative forcing myself to straif as a last resort . 

My internet connection is  roughly 8 ping (I think) 45 - 65 download  and between 9.8 - 17.6 upload. I hear that’s great for gaming but when your up against people around the world with speeds like 500 download and 500 upload would you think this causes such impossible game play as in competitively online ?

iv bought a PS4 pro due to this game now , thinking a newer console would help the experience but the game continues to deteriorate more and more week by week . I’m bored of the maps now but won’t spend another penny on dlc packs , deffo not on bo4 with the way it is . I like the game but find it the most frustrating cod Iv ever played . I thought WW2 was bad after they nerfed everything but BO4 is disgusting . 

If anyone can think of anything else I can do to maybe improve my net connection or if there’s some settings to change to improve the online gaming quality let me know please . I have tried most though I think . Maybe it’s the game capture and trying to stream which messes up connection, I don’t know but as I don’t play no other games help on improving the quality on BO4 would be great !!!! 


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It’s not you. It’s the game. The game is total trash. The multiplayer lag keeps getting worse with every update. Incompetent developers and an incompetent company.
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Yeah true ,

cant think of anything else to do to help improve the game quality . But then again , should I really be spending cash just to play one game 🤷🏻‍♂️

So far this *****e games cost me £490 lol 

game capture and the PS4 bro and it plays crap .

actually £590 coz I bought a benq monitor as apparently you get a 10 millisecond response (which is boll*x)  - and the game still is horrific 


can’t be any fixes , il just grin and bare it 

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Knifing is not much better thank shooting guns, many times I have stabbed someone to just hear a ***** noise and nothing happens, then I die.


Have you tried turning up your vertical and horizontal sensitivty in settings? 4 should really be the lowest sensitivity or it takes too long to turn around and too long to track a target.


Is the PS4 pro much of an improvement on ps4 standard at all?

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The PS4 pro , don’t waste your money adds zero improvement to the game quality .

even gaming or smaller screens makes it worse for this call of duty because the graphics are bad and you can not see the enemies far out !

the pro gamers that advise all this screens and scuff controllers are just product pushing .

thank god I didn’t buy a scuff , that wouldn’t have improved nothing either !!

cod bo4 is just rubbish and faulty through and through !

Bro , Iv been bashing this all CIDs - Presteiging , gold / diamond cammo all guns since Cod world at war . That’s like 10 years of playing nothing but COD ! 

This is the first one I have ever listed on eBay to try and retrieve some money back and the games only been out since November. We’re in January now ! Lol 

i didn’t even bother presteiging in this cod because I thought it would just feel crap to build up attachments for all the guns again , if it’s this bad with all attachments now lol 

At least now il give the PS4 and gaming a rest untill the next cod release but I will not be rushing to buy any future cods.

Il need to play it first and sample it before I spend money on any other cod in the future !


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100% agree with op here.

last night was final straw after weeks of “shoot first...die first”....jittery laggy game everywhere including menus.

totally sick of it, ejected game and 10 seconds later it was smashed into 5 pieces.

good riddance. Will never buy this crap again.


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Yeah I know the feeling man ! 

Check this , I tweeted Activision about a glitch whilst using torque with the paladin . Everytime you take a shot and quickly try to lay out razor wire the character starts automatically trying to reload the paladin multiple times ! 

They asked if I had a video clip , so o went and bought the capture card for £160 to prove it , sent the video and I didn’t even get a thank you lol their response is to clear cache by unplugging the PS4 for 30 seconds lool 

I told them I bought the capture as well just to show them the flaw and that’s all they had to say to me ! Not , “yeah that’s a big blatant glitch we need to fix and thank you “ 

such a dead game made by sh*t people 

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Don't go for knifes, I've got gold camo for the secret santa and whilst getting it I kept bouncing of the people I was hitting instead of connecting. I also don't think lag is the problem in this case cause my friends have helped me test why this happens and lag does not seem to be the problem, it's hit detection, this game is just broke, from matchmaking to aiming it fails at ever step. I would be happy to play this game if it was fixed but I don't think the developers care.

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Yes , hit detectition is weird !

blatetantly on and off , and that on top of so many other things it’s unreal .

blatantly disappointed is an understatement.

im done with the game , sold it off 


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what guns are you using?

what perks?


What guns are enemy’s using


what attatchments as well?



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