Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

 Why can’t we play the new maps in hard-core ☠️(I only play hard-core) ...been waiting a long time for this maps to come to HC and it dit ..and it  disappeared again ..can we get some news on dat we pay for it long time ago and  we want to play those new maps in hard-core to 

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I feel the same way. At this point I'm feeling robbed on my season pass. I do not understand what the problem is. I like to play hardcore. 

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This makes me sooooooooooooooo happy I didn't buy the season pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Same here, i only play hardcore, the update says new maps in rotation, where?

Are they showing in core?

7 days after the update and they didnt fix it yet.

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Seems we arent getting what we paid for.And we will not be compensated for it.

Guess we should all remeber this when it releases next year,and let our dollars 

spent on other games speak for us.

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the only reason im playing blops 4 is it was a gift. and I will never buy dlc again after last year with ww2 not having new maps in rotation in hc. I normally only play hc ffa, I think last year they got to the second or third dlc release before they made it into rotation on hc ffa.
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Don´t undersant why the dlc maps don´t get in rotation as soon as they are able to download, sometimes takes around 2 months, i mostly play kill confirm, don´t like the moshpit thing, i paid for the season pass the same amount  core players did, why i can´t play the new maps in Hardcore and on any mode i want to?

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The new maps have been re-released into the rotation as of today's update.....



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