Playstation Network is a bad platform.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Atleast for Call of Duty it's bad. I've been playing this series since the very first game. I've up graded my internet to 200 mbps, port forwarded and everything else to make it run as smooth as possible but, it is still hit and miss most of the time.


I can tell when they are lagging my game when I get shot around corners or die before I see who shot me. I'll check the network in both instances and find that they go hand in hand. I hear the same complaints from my friends. I know the game can't function without some lag but, Playstation Network seems to do a poor job at making it run consistantly good. IMO.

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You Are penalised for a good connection. How many times have you played it and all of a sudden you die instantly yet the kill cam shows the enemy pumping you full of lead. It’s the lag compensation System and it’s awful.

You can go on blackout and have a good five minutes of fun then all of a sudden out of the blue a one bullet hit instant death. I’m penalised for having a great connection and the only way to play the game is go all out and pray you don’t come up against someone with a poor connection.

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I only play Hardcore TDM. I don't like the Blackout type game.


Playstation Network (PSN) is so inconsistant. Thinking about switching to Xbox.

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Have you tried limiting your bandwidth, are you using your isp's router, are you using your own router? There are a lot of factors that you have to see what might be causing issues.

I have At&t fiber 1000 down 1000up, I use to piggy back my own Asus rt-ac3100 router behind the att router, it was a nightmare. I recently found a way to just be able to use my own router, elemanating the att router all together. I play mostly bf games and recently started to play cod, big change to get use too. Anyways my ping was always around 20 now with the new set up I have a ping of 8 or 9 on average. Plus I also limit my bandwidth on my ps4, depending on the game.

P oj st your specs if you would like too, maybe I can help you out in some way.
By the way which one's Pink?
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