Respawn Gaming Recruiting. [XBOX] [PS4] [DISCORD]

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Recruitment Forum

Respawn Gaming is a new up and coming gaming community. We are looking for active people who play Black Ops 4 as a hobby and would like to make friends. We welcome all types of players.

Requirements are as follows.


- Discord connection and activity. (We want people who chat and want to make friends)
- 1.25 EKIA
- 250 SPM
- People who want to play with others.
- 18+
- No Drama
*Exceptions can be made for some people.*

How to join:

Message DEADSH0T v2, DrRodriguez90, or Unbiddenmoney10 on Xbox, DEADSH0T__v2 on PS4,or on Discord DEADSH0T v2#8833. One of us can hook you up with a link to our Discord server.

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