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Hi all!


I'm Ashoqa or Luke, leader and founder of Saints eSports


We are a high ranking competitive team based in the US. We were #32 in the world in WWII, we hope to continue that and improve even more!


We have an incredible team with us, but we are revamping the team a lot in this offseason. We compete in many games including, R6, League, Fortnite, and more!

Ofcourse, we are based on CoD.


Heres what we are looking for:

-Skill and experience, preferably atleast 2 years of competitive play

-Ages 16-18

-Dedication to being the best you can possibly be

-The time to practice and bond with teamates

-A positive attitude even in defeat

-Loyalty to the team

-MOST IMPORTANT: we are looking for people who are friendly and charasmatic, people who love what they do and dreams to go pro one day


If this sounds something you would like, please DM me @luke.filson on Instagram


We will talk about try outs, expectationsm, and benifits of joining!


Hope to see ya'll!


Ashoqa, leader and founder of Saints eSports

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I'm interested, but I don't have instagram. Feel free to message me on discord Shaners42#2799

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My name is Dillon aka lilsleepie. I've been playing call of duty since world at war. I play anything from multiplayer typically HC TDM, I am currently interested in joining a team for bo4. My kd on multiplayer is around 2 ATM. I would message you via Instagram but I do not have Instagram or FB. Just curious to know how/what I need to do to apply for your team. Thanks in advance. 

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I'm looking to try out to a esport team my Instagram is lpeyerk15


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I’d like to try out if you guys are still looking for players. My Twitter is highvolt_29. If y’all are on PS4 dm me on my Twitter. Or my psn highvoltage29 

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Wondering, what platform are you fellas on? Looking for a higher-level team on PC, even though there isn't much of a scene. If you are on PC, since you listed some other pc games, I'll link my stats below. Used to play CSGO for a couple of organizations in both main and premier as well. Can add my steam if ya want, since battlenet blows.

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hi i am looking to join a team i play a lot of cod and want to get better and hopefully become pro one day 

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hi am looking to join a competative call of duty team im 18 years old i am ok at call of duty and i want to join a team to improve and hopefully get into a pro team one day 

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Hello my is Jesse Montoya and i would liek to join your cod team. I have been playing competitve for 4 years in game battles. 

I started in mw2 and still playing. I take cod very serious and i always want to be the best. If you want to see me play with you guys just send me a DM

Insta: _jesse.530_ 

Thank you

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Hi Luke I’m jonathan but better known as yung I’m 15 Turing 16 in July I have played black ops since I was little and I put my all in black ops and I’m not the greatest but i feel like I’m great at communicating and i feel like I’m a decent player all around I know there’s room for improvement and as we play I can inprove if u do allow me to play for u u can check my stats my user name is yungztersav14 on ps4 and I would love to play against u so u can see how I play and see if I’m good enough to be on a team I’ve been looking for a team to join and play pro for a while because I put so much time into this game and I wanna play for a meaning and show my skills to other and I’m extremely dedicated to seek improvement because I wanna get better over time so hopefully u can add me and we can play a game or 2 so u can see how I play thank u for your time hopefully I can hear from u soon 

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