Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Like really treyarch?? How come everytime i try and use the maddox or the saug and also the sword fish people can 3-5 shot me but it take me half a clip like really? Fix this game man i did not pay all of this money for a broken game. 

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in Blackout correct?. Exactly whats happening to me and others i know!, 3-4 hits and im dead (even with level 2 and level 3 armor). full mag dumps to down a player if your lucky, hits seemingly not registering half way through an exchange.. yeah game is broken, seemed somewhat ok before the update. still think the game would run way better with better servers as i still belive its a server issue (you know like the ones we had during the beta!!).

not sure if they fixed it but one instance i grab lev-2 armor off a player i had just killed, armor was still at 95% and i hit the guy fully in the torso..


very frustrating game lol

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Play Hardcore. Core sucks.

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I've listed a whole bunch of game breaking bugs and treyarch has yet to respond. I am officially switching to apex even though it's so slow because at least it playable. My favorite bug is skulker switching on and off or awareness reducing your audio instead of enhancing it.
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