Way to many keyboard players

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

I'm glad I got this game for free, cuz iiiiiiimmm  doooneee with it, I cant join a single match with out getting click sniped , like not even aiming at me an snapping to my head and I'm dead. Its absolutely crazy. I have even messaged several of the players an they all tell me they use a mouse. What kinda trash is this, an now we have a whole bunch of fortnite dbags that constantly jump an flip there weapon back an fourth.. blackout is ruined.....

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what you complain for ? its not about what controller you use.. but what is youre muscle memory used to, and if you talk about quicker reaction etc it takes some ms(0-10ms) to convert if you use xim types etc, if you use remoteplay future you get 100ms latency approx. 
Then you can say you have latency bcoz you use a wireless controller (0-25ms++depending), the answer here is you can wire the new ps4 controllers so you have 0 lag input. isnt that greater for you to reload with "square" in 0-10ms (button latency) then the guy on keyboard has tehe same button latency + it has to convert all keys to buttons in real time and it has flaws.....more than a controller!

I play with both and i get the same k/d since i am used with both!

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I like a bit of Jean Michel Jarre, and Pet Shop Boys

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