What have I done to only get put on the losing team?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Why is it every time I join a game (any mode) I get dumped on the losing team? I have a good k/d most of the time and I still lose 90% of the time, I only get put with super bad players (.5 k/d max)  I would like to politely ask that my games match making is fixed pls because this has only just started happening to me and I'm not sure what I have done but since xmas I have only been put in teams with super bad players

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Sadly that is just their *****ty code doing it. They look for a game that has spots to fill and slap you in it. Most of the time those slots are from people laving the match due to losing. Hopefully the next cod will fix this. I have it happen to me all the time as well and my win loss ration is in the crapper due to it.

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