Why did I need to have 50 gigs free on my ps4 just to install a ***** update that%27s 7 gigs%3F

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Just wanting to know why I have to have 50 gig free on my hard drive just to install a 7 gig update file for black ops 4. I have 30 gigs free and now I have to delete other games just to play this game. This console only came with a 500 gig hard drive and it dont hold that many games and now we have to have this much free space just to update the game might as well just a one console for this game alone. Starting to think that call of duty games just aren't worth the money anymore. Been going down hill since black ops 2 and seems like every game is riding the coat tail of black ops 2. Not going to buy another call of duty game again just not worth 60 bucks anymore and now I have to get the black ops pass just to download new map packs.  Very disappointed in what call of duty games have become

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Have you forgot there a better way now. Get youself a usb 3.0 Hard Drives that plugs into your ps4 that came AGES ago. 

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