Why do CoD games connect me with all EU countries?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

I live 50 miles from London yet my average lobby is french,germans, dutch, spanish, etc. I am very tired of having all games decided by which crappy EU host you place me with.

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Maybe Brexit will change that??


On a serious note, maybe there are more people playing in Europe than UK?


I get it too, but I am only a stone's throw from the English Channel

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Set your DNS to be local... look up on web to see who like google dns you have in England and use those servers... see if that makes a difference... in help in the US... we use Googles...., then in Second line it has us use they may not work for you but should be an easy web search.....

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It doesn't, the game doesn't use DNS at all unless you upload video's. I swapped routers once and my PS4 was on the wrong DNS, (pointing to my old router's IP) and it functioned as normal.


The northern European servers should be all good when you live in UK, when I play in Europe I get 8ms to Amsterdam and 13-15 to Frankfurt and London so there is not a whole lot in it.

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