Winter Wants You! | Clan Recruitment September 2019

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Winter is Coming Civillian...

Bored of BO4? Looking for things to do, players to grind with? Look no further! You've found the chillest gaming community! With over 3,500+ players and counting, you can never get bored. We run four events a week on BO4. ManHunt, Pubstomps, Practices, and more! So what're you waiting for? Click the link below and JOIN TODAY! 


We are currently recruiting new members. We value social interaction and loyalty above all us.

  • Mature (16+ years old)
  • Have a microphone
  • Discord mobile and/or desktop
  • Play on PC, PS4 and/or Nintendo Switch
  • Readable discord name (no special characters, invisible names or stylized letters)

Click the link to join -


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